Monday, February 25, 2013

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

Extra! Extra! This is the last week for a chance at winter prizes for children, teens, and adults.

Children must read aloud, or be read aloud to, for fifteen minutes a day for twenty-one days, after which they are eligible for a small prize. Children 2-5 years old who complete twenty-one days' of reading may register for the "Winter Reading Preschool Party" on Friday, March 1st from 11am-12pm. Story, craft and activity stations, along with special guests, will be available for the entire family of readers.

School-aged children in grades K-5 who complete fifteen minutes of reading a day for twenty-one days may register for the first ever “Night at the Library” on Friday, March 1st from 6-8pm. Zionsville firefighters, police officers and more will present a readers-theater. Craft and activity stations will be available for the entire family of readers, and we'll have delicious pizza and dirt pudding, too.

For teens in grades 6-12 and adults 18+, we made winter reading a piece of cake this year by eliminating the need for computers or passwords. All that teens and adults have to do is write down anything they have been meaning to read, or anything they are already reading, on a personal Challenge Sheet. When we say "read anything," we mean it: magazines, newspapers, cookbooks, short stories, long novels, name it. Ebooks, journal articles for research, the Twilight series, War and Peace, books assigned for school, mysteries, biographies...anything. Turn in the Challenge Sheet at the second floor Reference Desk at the Library by 5pm on this Sunday, March 3rd. Teens will have a chance at winning one of FOUR prize baskets. Adults will have a chance at winning ALL of the prizes displayed in the Sixth Street window.

Good luck and thanks for supporting the Library -because by participating in our programs, reading and otherwise, you support us. Did you know that? You help our state statistics and all sorts of other statistics just by joining in the fun. Your participation says to everyone, "My library is important to me." It doesn't get any easier than that.

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