Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chocolate Ice Cream

While many teens were happy to have Presidents Day off, around 40 of them made a point to come to the Library.  Why?  For a Chocolate Ice Cream Taste Test.  Teens learned about the history of ice cream in America, FDA regulations on everyone's favorite frozen treat, and tried seven different kinds of chocolate ice cream.  Teens in grades 6 and up used very specific terms when evaluating ice cream in a blind taste test.  using words like "soggy, fruity, nutty, creamy" teens evaluated their ice cream carefully from look, texture, taste, and after taste.  Parents will be happy to know that they will not have to spend extra cash on expensive ice cream, since Haagen-Dazs was evaluated as bitter  by many teens and one even gave it a -1 star rating on a five star scale, saying it was terrible.  On the bright side, this means at least one parent never has to worry about her teen eating her expensive chocolate ice cream.  Of course, another teen will never know how that ice cream tasted.  He asked if he had to try the seventh ice cream, because he was full.  Parents will be happy to know that we did not require anyone to eat chocolate ice cream.  If you want to see photos of Monday's event, just check Wednesday's Local Living section in the Indianapolis Star.

Now if you are an adult that was told by the teen librarian that the program was for teens only, you will be happy to know that this program will be offered as part of our Adult Summer Reading Program.  Yes, it may seem crazy, but we are already thinking about summer and have actually been thinking about it since before Christmas.  Teens will have to take a back seat as adults get the chance to try several different flavors of chocolate ice cream.  The program is scheduled for Tuesday, June 18th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and no, it's not too early to sign up. 

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