Friday, February 22, 2013

Friends of the Library Presents A Toddler/Preschool Busy Bag Program

As of Friday, February 22, there are two spots open for our Busy Bag Program!!

When is it?
Monday, February 25 @ 6:30-8:30pm
Cost: $10 membership to Friends of the Library (read below)
Registration limited to 12 adults*
Sign up today! 873-8342

What’s a busy bag? 
A Busy Bag is a small, portable (housed in a Ziploc™-type baggie), age-appropriate manipulative activity for a toddler and/or preschooler that aids in developing motor and literacy skills.  The activity is ideal for occupying a child, for example, while he or she waits for a doctor’s appointment, rides in the car, or sits in church services.

What happens at the Busy Bag Program?
Parents will assemble everything needed to make a tote bag full of 12 different busy bag activities. There will be different self-serve stations you will rotate through to make the various busy bags. All the supplies will be supplied and any prep work will be done; you just have to do the basic assembly. Directions will be posted and staff will be there to help and answer any questions.

These bags must cost some money to make. Is the program free?
Online Busy Bag programs often are valued at about $60 per person (after all, you are getting 12 activities for your child!) but ours is totally funded by The Friends of the Hussey-Memorial Public Library. The only requirement is that you are or become a member of the Friends of the Library. Individual membership is $10/year. Basically, you get a $60 value for $10, plus you get to be a valued part of our library’s Friends community!

What does a Friends membership do and what will be expected of me?
You can be involved in the Friends as much or as little as you like. Beyond your $10 membership dues, participation is up to you. Your membership dues alone help to fund library programs and library grants (for example, those colorful rugs in the YS department were results of Friends’ donations). If you wish to go deeper, you can attend Friends quarterly meetings and have a voice in how the Friends supports the library; or perhaps you would like to volunteer for working a book sale.

*Childcare not available. This program is for adults.


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