Thursday, February 21, 2013

Give Your Heart Some Love

February is all about the heart.  Our hearts work for us day after day, but do they get any love?   The library has what you need to show your ticker the appreciation it deserves.  It doesn’t want flowers, and especially not a high fat, high calorie dinner.  The heart’s love language is spelled S-W-E-A-T.

Just like our loved ones, the less attention the heart receives, the more trouble it gives.  Come to the library and choose one of our cardio DVDs.  It will make your heart very happy.   


Weight Loss Cardio Kick is a powerful, athletic program that begins with aerobics and toning intervals and ends with pure cardio.  There are two 20 minute sessions so you can do both together, or do them on alternating days.


Step aerobics is another great way to get your heart pumping.  If you are new to step, Kari Anderson has a great workout.  Go: Step Workout for Beginners will get you moving.  Because her cueing is very good, she will introduce you to this form of exercise without frustrating you in the process.

An instructor who is just plain fun is Petra Kolber.  One of her new DVDs is Liquid Grooves.  This is not a traditional fat burning workout.  Instead, it is a fluid series of gentle, total-body motions.  Don’t worry about getting lost, she is a pro and will keep you moving.  Petra is from England, so it’s fun to listen to her British accent as she encourages you through the workout.

We have easy beginner routines, as well as advanced non-stop heart pounding workouts.   With over 70 cardio DVDs to choose from, we’re sure you can find one you will like.  Pop it in to your DVD player (and actually exercise along) and your heart will be your friend for a long time to come.

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