Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Editing Hold Activation Dates

Tired of all of your hold items arriving at the exact same time?  You can avoid this by changing the activation dates for each hold; a feature available through your online Evergreen account.   By changing the activation dates, the hold items can be suspended until the date specified for their reactivation.  This will help to stagger the dates they will arrive at the Library.   


To change an item’s hold activation date, log into your Evergreen account, select the “Holds” tab, and click the “Edit” link for the item. (See example above.)

Next to “Active?”, choose to suspend the hold, then enter the desired activation date next to “If suspended, activate on.”  Finally, click the “Submit” button to save the activation date changes.  Congratulations, your hold is now suspended until the chosen activation date!

Leaving town for Spring Break?  Postponing your hold activation dates also helps you avoid the $1 expired hold fee for holds not picked up. Suspending your holds before your vacation means you won't get charged, plus that book you've been waiting for could be ready once you return.

If you need help accessing your online Evergreen account, please contact the Circulation Department at or 317-873-8340. 

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