Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Get Lean in 2014

Have you seen the new slogan; “Fit is the new skinny”?   It is a good mantra for our 2014 fitness goals.  Instead of looking for a number on the scale, maybe we should look to improve our fitness performance.  Are you a runner or walker?  Set a goal to go faster or farther.  Having trouble with those push-ups?  Don’t give up, just start where you are and move forward.
SMART is an acronym for sound criteria when setting a goal.   

Here’s an example:
Specific –what do you want to change or improve?  I want to increase the number of push-ups I can do from one to five.

Measurable – how will you measure your success?  If I am able to complete five push-ups, I have attained my goal. 

Attainable – can you realistically achieve this goal?  I believe I can achieve this goal because it is reasonable.

Relevant - will this goal matter to your overall health and well-being?  I will be stronger if I can perform more push-ups.  It will help my posture and my ability to remain injury-free.

Time-oriented – how much time will you give yourself to attain your goal? I will give myself six months to attain this goal.
Using your goal, make a specific plan to achieve it. Your library can help.  We have many resources available to help you attain your fitness goals for 2014. 

Bring It! by P90X guru Tony Horton is not a one-size-fits all fitness plan.  You will begin by 
answering fitness questions, as well as taking a few measurements.Using your results you will either be a Beginner, a Striver or a Warrior.  Each group has a specific workout created for cardio, strength and yoga.  There are a lot of pictures and written descriptions of each exercise so you'll know exactly what to do.

The Ultimate New York Body Plan by David Kirsch says it will "shed
pounds and reshape your body - FAST!"   This plan combines fitness with nutrition.  You will start with a fitness test (yes, actually performing exercises to determine your starting point).  This test will measure your starting fitness levelAgain, there are a lot of pictures and descriptions of the exercises recommended.  There is a 14-day plan to get you started.

Dr. Vonda Wright's Guide to Thrive is a four step plan for "body, brains and bliss".  Step 1 is preparation.  The following steps each last two months, equaling a six month program.  As an M.D., Dr. Wright brings us medical information as well as a plan for improving our health.  Parts of the book have fill-ins, so you might want to have a notebook near by to write things down.  There are a lot of principles here that are valuable for fitness and life in general.

If you're not a reader, but would rather move, look for the next fitness blog highlighting some fitness DVDs that will help you reach your SMART goals.

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