Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fascinating, Fun, NON-Fiction DVDs

Looking for some entertainment for a Saturday night? Or perhaps you'd like to hunker down and do a bit of hibernating during the cold weather, accompanied by a DVD or two or three. Whatever the case, consider the non-fiction DVD collection at the Library the next time you want to grab a movie on your way home. You may be thinking, "Non-fiction? Entertaining?" and I say, "Yes!" Be carried away to a distant land as you travel with Rick Steves. Explore new recipes to whet your appetite and enchant your taste buds with America's Test Kitchen. Stretch and bend yourself in new directions with our many yoga DVDs, or, for a more intense experience, check out the P90X exercise regime and decide if it's for you.

Invite Lady Gaga and the Rolling Stones into your living room for a private concert, or unleash melodies of a different sort with an opera such as La Traviata. Be thrilled by Shark Week any week you choose, and follow it with a dip into the world of bottled water in Tapped. Follow Mythbusters Jamie, Adam, Kari and their teams as they test urban folklore queries and stamp them confirmed, plausible or "BUSTED." Get tips on climate change in Carbon Nation, or ride with brave democracy activists through Egypt, Malaysia, Ukraine, Venezuela and Zimbabwe in A Whisper to a Roar.

Steady your sea legs on a cruise through Hawaii and Tahiti. Follow a guided tour through 2,500 years of Art of the Western World. Spend some time with Neil Patrick Harris and some very special canines as he narrates the training and matching of service dogs and people in Through A Dog's Eyes.

The next time you're in the Library, browse the non-fiction DVDs...I bet you'll find something interesting to take home.

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