Thursday, January 2, 2014

Challenge Yourself, Be Rewarded

Winter challenge returns! Last winter, we said to you, "Hey, Teens and Adults, read anything you want to read, and get a chance at prizes." You said, "Anything?" We said, "Anything! Magazines, a pile of newspapers, twelve short stories, two classic novels, books assigned for school, your great-grandmother's cookbook cover-to-cover...whatever you want." You don't have to log-in to a computer to keep track, you don't have to remember a password, and there is no competition to see who can read the most. All you have to do is write your personal reading challenge on a Challenge Sheet that you pick up at the second floor reference desk (along with a free book and a piece of chocolate!) and turn it in by the end of February, whether or not you've completed your challenge. As far as we're concerned, as long as you're reading, you're accomplishing your challenge.

All adults who turn a Challenge Sheet get a chance to win the prize package displayed in the Sixth Street window. Teens get a chance at one of four prize packages. Children are included in the winter challenge, too --stop by the first floor reference desk for details on prizes for kids.

To recap: Starting tomorrow, January 3rd, Teens and Adults stop by the 2nd floor reference desk to pick up a Challenge Sheet, plus a free book and a piece of chocolate. Write your reading goal on your Challenge Sheet. Turn in your Challenge Sheet -whether or not you've finished it- by February 28 for a chance to win prizes. Good luck!

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