Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inhale Knowledge at the Library

It seems that scented products are everywhere, from personal toiletries to auto air fresheners to aerosol room sprays. According to Pam Conrad, Complementary Therapy Nurse for Wellspring Pharmacy, many of these fragrances are made from synthetic oils and chemicals, which tend to cause allergic reactions more than scents in their natural essences. For example, the fabricated scent of cinnamon may cause a person to have watery eyes or trigger a headache, whereas the natural scent from crushed cinnamon sticks causes the same person no trouble whatsoever. While many products available on the market today are “scented,” only pure essential oils (natural plant essences which have been extracted by steam distillation or other extraction methods) should be used therapeutically. Essential oils have been used for their healing properties for centuries, and modern scientific research has proven that when used correctly, essential oils are a convenient, practical and pleasant option to ease many health care conditions and facilitate a healthy body, mind and spirit.

A registered nurse who spent years studying aromatherapy in England and France, Pam Conrad founded Aromas for Healing to develop products to promote physical and emotional well-being. She created the first evidence-based “Aromatic Childbirth” hospital program in the United States and has developed essential oil blends that ease nausea from surgery, help athletes treat and avoid sore muscles, reduce anxiety and insomnia, boost energy, and many other blends that help with a variety of conditions. She teaches medical professionals about aromatic complementary therapies and speaks around the world about her work in aromatherapy. On Tuesday, November 13, 2012, at 6:30pm, she will be at the Library to talk about using essential oils during “Aromatherapy for Home, Health & Holidays.” Register now for this expert-led program and don’t forget to check out the many books about essential oils and aromatherapy in the Library catalog.

Please note: There will be essential oil blends at this program, and while the scents will not be forcibly diffused throughout the room, they will be present in the air.

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