Monday, October 8, 2012

Discover something new at your Library!

In honor of Columbus Day, you might like to embark on a new adventure found just as far away as your Public Library. 

Why, Why, Why do people want to explore?  If your child asks questions like this, try checking out the Why, Why Why series.  This series of books asks almost as many questions as your preschooler, but as an added bonus, these books provide answers, too!
 So you want to be an explorer? Or, perhaps you want to be an inventor or maybe even president?  Check out the So you want to be books by Judith St. George and David Small.  This series presents a vast amount of information in a pleasing picture book format.  So you want to be President even won a Caldecott Medal…it might be an appropriate read with the upcoming election!

The You wouldn’t want to series puts you in the shoes of various historical figures, Christopher Columbus, Roman Soldiers, World War II Pilots, etc.   These books show just exactly what it would be like to live in a different time period.  The You wouldn’t want to series is fantastic, they are full of information and they are high interest books that really pull in the reader; even those reluctant readers will probably be interested in one of these.  

Discovery is in full swing at your Library, come and see!

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