Friday, June 8, 2012

The Summer Reading Program Is Well Underway: Are YOU Signed Up?

We are off to a great start with Summer Reading this year!

Over 700 of you signed up for the youth services Let's Read 50! Summer Reading Program within just the first couple of days, and many more of you have signed up here this week! We hope to see you soon, if we haven't already!

Drum roll, please, and a big round of applause to ... all of you who contributed to a record year for our Scholastic Sale! A big *grin* for the best year ever! We heartily thank you as your purchases provide us the ability to add more books to the collection and to our prize book options.

Speaking of prizes ... many of you are off to a fantastic start already this summer. I've seen quite a few rapidly filling log sheets. The fruit of your labors will be rewarded - starting today. The Celebration Station prize room opens today, Friday, June 8th and will be open the rest of the summer.

So ... stop on by, pick up a log if you haven't, register if you still need to (there are a few sign up prize ducks left, but not many so hurry), and start cashing in on your prizes. 

Happy Reading :)

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