Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Paperback Book Club!

Do you like the feel of a paperback in your hand in the summer? We are pleased to announce our new *Paperback Book Club! Here's how to get your hands on some great paperbacks this summer:

  1. Register at the Youth Services Desk for the club.
  2. Thumb through the paperbacks on the table behind the YS desk. Find one you want to read. (You are allowed two books at a time.)
  3. Take the book to the YS desk.
  4. Each book has an orange-ish colored Borrower's card in it. The librarian will help you fill out the Borrower's Name and info.
  5. Leave the card with the librarian and take your book home.
  6. Read and enjoy.
  7. Return the book to the YS desk and get another.
  8. Repeat throughout the summer for maximum Summer Reading enjoyment!

*Books are suited for 2nd-5th grade fiction readers.
If you have paperback books at home that you love and would like to donate to the club, bring them in!

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