Friday, June 8, 2012

Celebration Station Is Open!!!

Wow! So many of you are off to a booming start with your summer reading! Awesome job, everyone!

New Prize System! We have a new way to claim prizes this year. To help learn the new prize system, here's a little primer:

  1. Bring your log sheet to the library.
  2. Show your log sheet to the Teen Volunteer (look for the Orange t-shirted teens) or Youth Services librarian.
  3. You will be given a library nickel (aka "token") for every prize level you have reached. 
  4. Go to the prize area and exchange each token for one prize or book. (There is a special prize room for prizes and books at or above the 25 level.) (If you want a different prize than is available this week, you can take your token home and bring it back to the library on a different week to claim another week's prize.)
  5. When you reach 50 (our goal for everyone this summer), write your name on a paper candle for our bulletin board and receive a voucher for a Kennedy Half Dollar!*
  6. Ambitious readers can continue reading with the Extreme Reading Log, which lets you record up to 200! (Those prizes are awarded every 25 hours or books. There are no prizes after 200, although you are encouraged to read as much as you can!)

Don't forget the Weekly Raffles! Our weekly raffles are intended to keep you reading every week. Make sure you read and record at least 5 books, hours, or days each week and we will automatically enter you in our weekly drawing where you can win tickets to all sorts of fun activities in our community.

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