Thursday, December 22, 2011

Teen Book Review

Remember I told you I had a big stack of books in my office? I sat studying them today and thought, “I think I’ll write another book review.” So here it goes. The Limit by Kristen Landon is set in the future, when spending limits are monitored. Author Margaret Peterson Haddix (author of Found and Among the Hidden) wrote this about The Limit, “A frighteningly familiar world with an unsettling twist.” And author James Dashner (Maze Runner trilogy) said, “Fast paced, full of great humor, adventure, and surprises.” Geez, if Haddix and Dashner think it’s cool, then it’s got to be worth my time.

So in the future, if your family goes over their limit, a division of the government will come to your home and, depending on the agreement you have with them, a member of your family will immediately be taken away to work off your family’s debt. This is what happened to 13 year-old Matt. Luckily for Matt, he is incredibly smart and tests into “Top Floor” work. But with a pool, a gym, challenging work, food ordered off the internet and delivered to your door, and a cleaning service that you never see, why would anyone want to leave? However, why are teen workers having seizures? And what about headaches? The government is doing something to these kids without their permission and Matt has to find out what it is before he succumbs to the same problem. I wanted more conflict and more action sooner than it came, but overall it was not a bad read. Younger readers will devour this conspiracy book and ask for more. Readers looking for more action and detail may want to try Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord.

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