Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I geek Wordle.net -- Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

www.Wordle.net is a fun website where you can enter words, passages, lyrics--basically any text--and the site generates a "Word cloud," a graphical formation of your text in different patterns, colors, fonts, and shapes. These clouds can then be saved, printed, or shared. You can even upload the graphics to printers and have them transferred onto items like tshirts or mugs for fun little gifts--a great idea for unique Christmas gifts!

Last year, for fun, I printed off word clouds using words that describe each of my children. To my surprise and happiness, each one now proudly displays the cloud on the wall of his or her room. In the gallery on the Wordle site, there are numerous displays of creativity: lyrics to a favorite song, a treasured Bible verse, prose from a poem, names of family members. Above is a sample Wordle of the things I geek.

It's great fun. Try it! Maybe you too can use it to create a unique gift this holiday season!


  1. I just saw that Travis Jonker over at the 100 Scopes Notes blog utilized a similar tool to Wordle called Tagexedo to have some fun with past Caldecott Award winners in lieu of the upcoming 2012 award. Apparently, if you want to win this award for illustration, it might be a good idea to do the artwork for a book with "Little" in the title and your last name best be Brown or Weisner :).


  2. Thank you! 100 Scope Notes is a pretty neat blog!


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