Friday, December 30, 2011

Juvenile Fiction Book Review

PIE by Sarah Weeks

Alice's dearly loved Aunt Polly has just died. While Alice is broken-hearted over losing her best friend, the rest of her family and the little town they live in is going crazy wondering where Aunt Polly's world famous pie-crust recipe is.

Things get nuttier when everyone finds out that Polly left the recipe to her mean, old cat, Lardo, and Polly left Lardo to Alice. In the midst of her grief, Alice and her friend Charlie surprise everyone by resolving the mystery, bringing much needed healing to the family and the town that has gone so pie-crazy.

This story is sweet, not just because of the loving friendship between Alice and her Aunt Polly, but also because it is full of yummy pie recipes and delightful characters. I loved it (even though I didn't agree with the Nora part at the end)!

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