Thursday, December 18, 2014

Include Fitness in Your Holiday Plans

The last thing we are apt to think about this time of year is fitness.  Then when January comes, we groan and moan about the weight we gained and the energy we lost during the holidays.  The November/December issue of "Pilates Style" magazine has some tips for us to maintain our fitness routine during this busy time of year:

Do Some De-Stressing:  "Putting your fitness routine first will help you manage all the stress that comes this time of year."  What better way to beat stress than yoga? 

With all the mindful breathing and slow poses, one of these routines will get you relaxed in no time.

Stay Ahead of the "New Year, New You" Game: "Getting back into shape is so much harder than maintaining your exercise routine."  We say to ourselves that we'll get back to it when life slows down.  But when does that happen?   If walking is your choice, walk with one of these DVDs.  We have several choices for you by Leslie Sansone and others.  One mile is only 15 minutes.  Get the family off the couch and get walking.

Every Good Plan Has a Backup: "Whether you skip class for holiday shopping, eat too much fudge, or snooze through your morning class, don't panic."  Just get to your library.   One of the most popular classes is Zumba.  We have a great option, a 7 DVD set that will keep you dancing all December long.  You'll feel great when you say hello to 2015.

And don't worry, if you skip these guidelines from "Pilates Style", we'll still be here in January to help you with those New Years Resolutions!

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