Thursday, December 4, 2014

Are You a "Body Beast"?

We now have the Body Beast DVDs at your library.  If you've sweated through P90X and Insanity, this is the next high intensity workout for you to try.

This set includes seven DVDs:
  1. Beast Basics
  2. Chest/Tris,  Shoulders, Beast, Abs
  3. Legs, Back/Bis
  4. Chest, Back, Legs
  5. Shoulders, Arms, Beast, Abs
  6. Cardio, Abs
  7. Total Body, Abs
Body Beast is built on the concept of "Dynamic Set Training".  The developers describe it as "a specific sequence of sets and reps which maximize the muscle's time under tension with the goal of exhausting the muscle and "recruiting" more muscle fiber".

This system does require some equipment.  They suggest:
  • Curl bar, dumbbells, or resistance bands
  • Flat-incline bench or stability ball
  • Chin-up bar or resistance bands with door attachment
 This is for people who want big gains in muscle mass.  They say it is possible to add ten pounds of muscle in 90 days. Though it appears that all the demonstrators are men, this system is also for women who are not afraid of lifting weights. 

Although there is a lot of sweating going on during these workouts, the exercises themselves are basic tried-and-true movements.  There is not any complicated choreography, just straight-forward weight lifting.  If this sounds good to you, come get your Beast on.

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