Friday, September 19, 2014

Music Play

Music in storytimes promotes numerous early literacy skills- music helps children learn the sounds of language, it enriches vocabulary, and music improves listening skills and memory.

Music isn’t just important during storytimes, though; music is a very important activity to do at home!  The good news is that you do not have to be a professional singer or musician to play with music at home.  You can sing nursery rhymes in your non-professional voice and kids won’t even notice.  The Library also has a great collection of music CDs that you can play at home so that you can sing and dance along to the professionals.

You may not know the name Jim Gill, but chances are if you go to storytime at HMMPL you have heard his music!  Jim Gill is a favorite children’s singer among the librarians at Zionsville because he creatively combines music and play, which always makes a great time.  We have fun learning and dancing to his music in storytime.

You have an excellent opportunity to see Jim Gill live at the Carmel Clay Library this weekend!  On September 20, 2014 Jim Gill will be putting on a concert at the Carmel Clay Library at 10:00AM and noon.  Stop by the Carmel Clay Library if you have a chance, this is an interactive concert you won’t want to miss! Click here if you want to put Jim Gill CDs on hold at HMMPL.

Click here for a great music video of Jim Gill putting music and play together.

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