Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top Fitness Trends for 2014

The American College for Sports Medicine is located nearby in Indianapolis.  From their website, they state that "ACSM is the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world".  We are fortunate to be close to such a prestigious organization.  

Recently the ACSM has published a list of the top fitness trends for 2014.   We will highlight a few of those trends, and also a few resources that your library has in those areas.

Strength Training. It's a simple fact that the more muscle your body has the more calories the body will burn.  This will lead to weight loss and a more lean appearance.  It is not a complicated process.  You just need a set of hand weights, and a good instructor to lead you through a safe, effective workout. 

 Coach Nicole is a well-known trainer, and her DVD, SparkPeople Total Body Sculpting is one to try if you're starting a strength training routine. Three workouts are included.  Exercise at your own pace by following the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced presenter.

Yoga.  This ancient form of exercise is still on trend.  When it comes to yoga, there are many varieties to try.  But, where better to start than with Beginning Yoga?  This DVD will give you a good foundation, and then you can try our other options and find the practice that is right for you.
Core Training.  Here's one the men might want to try:  Phenomenal Abs & Core by Gilad.  This guy is almost sixty years old, and he looks great!  This DVD incorporates Pilates, yoga, military exercises and advanced abdominal routines to give you a complete core workout.

"Just move" was not one of the top fitness trends, but it is good advice.  Move on down to your library and find a fitness DVD that's right for you.

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