Monday, June 16, 2014

Miss Julie Reads: Fairy Tale Chapter books

Check out these enchanting reads this summer!

A fantastic story of friendship filled with mystery, magic, and adventure.
Into the Woods
This book combines many fairy tales into one rich and unique story!
The Tale of Despereaux
An enchanting story of a heroic mouse, a princess, and and impossible dream. An absolute must read!
Sister's Grimm
Fairy tale + mystery + fantasy + adventure = You won't want to put the book down!
With a name like Rump, he is destined for the dump!  But after a special find, it seems he can change his destiny...or can he?  This is an interesting twist on an old tale, definitely worth a read. 
Clover Twig and the Magical Cottage
A sweet and magical tale about a witch with an evil sister, a hard-working girl, a clumsy neighbor, and a cat named Neville.
Wish Stealers
If you thought pennies were always lucky, you will think again after reading this book!  Griffin is tricked into very unlucky pennies, but can she turn her bad luck around?

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