Monday, June 9, 2014

Miss Julie Reads: Books for kids who don't like reading

Check out these books this summer to see if they spark any interest in reading.  If they don't, come and talk to the Librarians and we will try to find something that will!

Monster Manor
This series is amazing!  Monsters, vampires, backwards werewolves, and so much more!  The quirky characters are combined with wacky storylines make for a great read.
The Genius Files
High action, tons of adventure starting right in the first chapter and continuing throughout the entire series, and an evil genius—what more does a story need?
Captain Awesome
The Sunnyview superhero squad sets out to stop evil doers: there are epic stories, awesome heroes, and fantastic fun in these beginning chapter books!
Jurassic Grampa
Funny, interesting, and lots of "poo" humor!
Big Nate
Realistic fiction, light read, comic-y.
Captain Underpants
Underpants is in the title, need I say more?
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
Does Yoda have power, does he not?  These Jedi mind tricks will get them reading and probably folding, too!
Wayside School
Wayside is a strange school with even stranger teachers and students!
This book is so short, anyone can read it!  David Lubar also writes other books like:
Beware the ninja weenies and other warped and creepy tales
NERDS:National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society
Unusual characters + espionage + evil = really funny story
The name of this book is secret
I would tell you about this book, but it's secret so I won't!

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