Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Donald Davidson: Indy 500

Think you know your Indianapolis 500 trivia? Meet Donald Davidson, renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway Historian and veritable bank of Indianapolis 500 knowledge. An avid follower of the British Grand Prix as a boy in England, he learned of the Indianapolis 500 and became determined to visit the United States to attend the race. He memorized the names and dates, facts and figures of every Indianapolis 500, and his ability to recount them on demand was, and still is, unparalleled.

His first visit to the Indianapolis 500 in 1964 proved momentous and serendipitous, as his personality, drive and uncanny memory earned him a resounding welcome into the inner circle of racing legends and broadcasters. He was invited to be a guest speaker during the 1964 broadcast of the race, and the rest, as they say, is history. Inducted into the Auto Racing Hall of Fame in 2010, he is the only member who was never a race car driver.

On Monday, July 22 at 6pm, Donald Davidson will be at the Library to talk about the Indianapolis 500 and answer your questions. Don't miss this special opportunity to meet a local, and worldwide, legend. Register your seat today and don your black and white attire for this unique event.

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