Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Changes to the Teen Area

Summer is perhaps the busiest time for anyone working in a library, but leave it to us to make ourselves even busier.  However, it's all in the name of teens, so as the teen librarian, I'm okay with being extra, extra busy.  It all started several months ago we added paint to the walls in the teen area. 
After that, we moved the shelves around and added tables and chairs next to the windows, providing teens with a great place to do group study.  The past two weeks we've added a few more elements to the teen area, this time with new chairs and a fabulous rug! 
This is just a small change we've made and we are still not done.  For the latest addition, you'll have to have a seat in one of our new chairs and look at the opposite wall.  That's right, we're not going to show you all the fun stuff online, you'll have to come in and see them.  Now, we will still be making changes in August and possibly in September, so you'll need to keep stopping by to see the latest changes.

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