Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Few Top-Rated Fitness DVDs

We all like the best.  We want to read the best books and eat the best food.  This also holds true when it comes to workout DVDs.  The last thing we want to do is waste time doing a boring, ineffective exercise routine. 
In order to give you the best options, we provide DVDs that have received great reviews from their users, as well as from fitness professionals.  The following DVDs have received five stars from  customers, as well as receiving the “Staff Favorite” seal of approval.
Paul Katami’s “Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners” teaches a safe and effective method to get the most out of this fitness tool.  Choose from 3 workouts.  The first is an easy tutorial, the second uses the kettlebell for an effective multi-muscle-group session.  The third session focuses on the abdominals, using both standing and floorwork.  Paul gives you many options for exercising with this versatile piece of equipment.
“Slim Sculpt” by Ellen Barrett is another favorite.  Ellen uses large, fluid movements to lengthen and tone the body.  During the standing portion, light weights are used.  She seamlessly transitions from one exercise to the next, flowing through a 20 minute standing routine.  When she moves to the floor, the class takes on a traditional Pilates feel.  This one is a favorite for her friendly, straight forward instruction and unique take on full body exercise.

"Give Me 10: Core Cuts" comes from Amy Dixon.  This DVD includes six 10-minute ab focused workout sessions.  Each workout has a different feel; some are on the floor, while others are done standing.  You move from gym-style exercises to Pilates to yoga.  If your abdominal muscles need a challenge, you will find it here.
These are just a few of the DVDs at your library that are considered among the best. 

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