Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Library now has Insanity & P90X!

Are you ready?  These programs are sweeping the nation as the best workouts to get you in shape.

With Insanity, the creator Shaun T has designed ten workouts to take intervals to the next level.  There is no equipment needed for any of these workouts, you are your own gym.  You will perform plyometric, resistance and cardiovascular moves.  Of course, Shaun is famous for his previous abdominal workouts, and will give you plenty of it here as well.

The intense workout standard is Tony Horton’s P90X.  It consists of 12 workouts.  You will need weights or resistance bands.  Also recommended are a yoga mat and a chin-up bar.  You will use the weights as well as your body for resistance.  Cardio, plyometrics, abdominal work, martial arts and yoga are included.

Each DVD is checked out separately.  This will allow you to customize your workout program to meet your fitness goals.   You can even create your own program by mixing DVDs from both sets.   You can locate these in our non-fiction DVD section. 

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