Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Current events books for middle and high school students

Thanks to a grant from the Friends of the Library, the Library is adding 50 new books from Greenhaven Press, an acclaimed publisher of quality nonfiction for middle and high school students.  Each anthology presents a wide spectrum of views on a particular political, social, or economic topic to help students understand various controversies in today's complex world.  Selections are authored by recognized experts and accompanied by useful charts, graphs and bibliographies, so they're a great resource for students conducting research or writing reports.  Some of the topics addressed by these new books are:  immigration, performance enhancing drugs, poverty and homelessness, medical ethics, censorship, civil liberties, gay marriage, and media violence.  INSPIRE, Indiana's Virtual Library (a service provided by the Indiana State Library) also maintains a current events database called TOPICsearch.  You can access INSPIRE through the Library's downloads and databases.

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