Thursday, January 10, 2013

“It’s Your Lucky Day!”

Introducing a new bookshelf: “It’s Your Lucky Day!” On this bookcase you will find highly popular titles often with long waiting lists. 

How will it work? Extra copies of popular books will be placed on this shelf and will be available first-come, first-served. The books will be identified with a “lucky day” sticker and located on the “It’s Your Lucky Day!” bookshelf near the new books area. Since the books are not holdable, they will be placed on the bookshelf as they are returned. These titles will circulate for 14 days like new books. 

Say you are interested in the popular book Gone Girl. Typically, you would place a hold and wait your turn. With this new initiative, you could still place a hold and get in line; however, you can now visit the library as often as you like to check to see if that title just happens to be on the “It’s Your Lucky Day!” bookshelf. If it is, “It’s Your Lucky Day!”

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