Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Librarian's Reading Challenge

I might be crazy.  That photo you see is my reading list for the next two months.  Back in October, I asked coworkers and customers, both teens and adults, to pick one book from each bookcase in the teen fiction area, including graphic novels.  I explained to each person that they would be a part of a unique experiment in which I would read 30 books in just under two months.  Why?  For the first time ever, adults can set their own reading challenge.  "Pop Into a Book for Prizes" begins January 7 and ends March 3.  This means that I will read 30 books in the months of January and February, but I do have a few rules: 1) the book must be a part of our physical collection (not an e-book); 2) audiobooks are permitted as a substitute for reading the book; 3) if a title selected is part of a series, I will read the first book in that series and not read the book selected; 4) if a book in a series is selected and I have read that book, I will read the next book in the series that I have not read; 5) if a book selected is one I have already read, another title will be selected for me.  This is pretty major since I really don’t like to read fantasy or romance books and I don’t care to read any book with more than 300 pages.  However, I am ready to dive into my own personal reading challenge and get out of my reading comfort zone.  You’ll have to check out the library’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to keep track of what I’m reading and periodically check the blog to see reviews for some of the books I’m reading.  Looking at the list, some of these books I would not willingly read, but it is part of the fun.  Besides, I always pick books for other people, why not have people pick books for me?  Be sure to bring your entire family to the library on Monday, January 7th so everyone (from toddlers to teens to adults) can pick up their own Challenge Sheet.
30. Bone Volume 1, Out from Boneville by Jeff Smith


  1. Great list and wonderful idea! I hope you reach your goal and enjoy it! I think it would be hard to read out of one's "comfort zone" of genre and type of book usually enjoyed. Good luck!

    1. I am going to try really, really hard to make reading a priority these next two months. I will likely listen to audiobooks while cleaning the house or while at the gym and reading will also replace watching tv at night (there are so few shows I am excited about anyway).


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