Monday, March 5, 2012

Tween Book Trailers

Our tweens got techie last week making their own book trailers! Book trailers, if you haven't seen one, are  movie book talks. Visually represent a bit of a book and see if you can get someone hooked.

We grabbed some picture books (hoping it would make it easier to get our trailers done in one hour), took over the second floor computer lab, and got to work reading, storyboarding, image creating, and compiling our book trailers. The creative juices were flowing, and you'll get to appreciate their hard work as we post their videos throughout the month.

Keep an eye out both for more great book trailers and a longer book trailer program session this summer where we'll really dig deep into this fun & techie literary activity!

In the meantime, you can enjoy Connor's handiwork. A fourth grader here in Zionsville, he created a book trailer for Steve Jenkin's nonfiction work, Actual Size, which you will find under j591.4 JENKINS in our collection.

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  1. Wow, Connor! That's awesome! I want to read that book now!


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