Friday, September 3, 2010

Wow! Cool Shoes!

I thought my shoes were cool -- Converse One Stars covered with silver sequins. You may have heard me brag: “They sparkle, just like Edward.” (For those of you not familiar with the popular Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, in her books, vampires cannot go out in the sun because they sparkle and become irresistible.) While I still think my sparkly shoes are pretty awesome, I will admit that my shoes fall a close second to those of Zionsville seventh grader, Lukas Janavicius. It all started last spring, here in the Library, when I found Lukas in one of our Duct Tape Days programs.

Using duct tape that is every color of the rainbow, teens made wallets and boxes. We even took the scraps and packed them into a duct tape ball. Little did I know that as I was showing and explaining to teens how to make duct tape fabric. Lukas’ mind was twirling with ideas.

“Thirty minutes after I got home, I’d made my first pair of shoes,” Lukas says.

There was more than just the one pair. Lukas worked hard to make these actual functioning pieces of his wardrobe. He added foam padding for comfort and reinforced the eyelets so the shoelaces would stay in place.

Like everyone who has an awesome new piece of gear, Lukas proudly wore his new kicks to school and it wasn’t long before kids began asking Lukas for their own custom pair of duct tape shoes. That’s right; Lukas was taking orders for duct tape shoes! So check out those feet walking down the middle school halls, they might be wearing shoes made out of duct tape. And, just think, the whole idea stemmed from a one-hour program at the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library.

Don’t feel left out, you too can find inspiration at the Library! Our next Duct Tape Days event, for Teens in grades six and up, is planned for Wednesday, September 8 from 4-5 PM. Plan on making your school supplies waterproof and virtually indestructible by covering them in duct tape. You may bring your own, but items will be supplied at the program. Registration is required, so register here today!

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