Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We've Got Your Fitness Needs Covered

Your Library has a collection of over 400 fitness DVDs! 

We try our best to have a wide variety of choices.  From chair exercises to advanced (makes you sweat just to look at it), there's a DVD for your situation.  

How do you find just the right one for you?  Of course, the catalog is the most comprehensive resource.  But, if you want to browse, the Fitness DVD Collection binder is here to help.  The binder is located on top of the book case that holds the DVDs.  It has four sections.
  • The first section has the DVDs listed in Dewey Decimal order, just as they're found on the shelf. 
  • The second section is by title. Do you know the title of your favorite DVD?  Find its location in this section.
  • The third section is by presenter.  Do you love Jari Love?  If you like a particular presenter, this section has all of their DVDs listed together. 
  • The fourth section has them grouped by keyword.  Do you want to exercise with kettle bells?  Or what about step aerobics?  From abdominal exercises to vinyasa yoga, and every topic in between, we have something for you.
Our goal is to have the DVDs that fit your fitness needs.  If we don't have a particular DVD that you want, leave a suggestion in our box by the binder.

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