Thursday, April 9, 2015

Summer Volunteer Applications Available for Teens

For the past three months adults and teens alike have been asking when Teen Volunteer Corps applications will be available.  I am happy to say that applications are at the reference desks on the first and second floor.

For those of you unaware of this much-anticipated program, students currently in grade 6 and up pass out summer reading prizes, sign people up for summer reading, answer questions, as well as shelve materials and help keep the Library tidy.  Each student will be scheduled for one two-hour shift per week for eight weeks and will be required to attend a two-hour training session with a one hour focus on customer service skills.  

We understand families go out of town for vacations and camps and we think that's great! We are happy to work around scheduled vacations and camps.  We just ask that volunteers make up any missed shifts.  We will show students how to do this during training and can remind them at any time during the summer if needed.  Plus, each student gets a free shirt, which will get your child used to wearing a uniform.

Applications are due Friday, May 1st and are available on our website or in the library. 

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