Thursday, February 13, 2014

Protagonist In Search Of . . .

Before online dating, newspaper personal ads helped people find compatible partners.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, then, I've put together a few sample personals from the pages of classic books.

Self-made millionaire and party guy seeks “beautiful little fool” to share his American dream.

Titled landowner seeks red-blooded female who enjoys romantic, moonlit walks and juicy conversation.

Charming runt of the litter seeks clever companion to save his bacon.

For some lighthearted fun this Valentine's Day, try writing a personal ad for your own favorite character.  (Feel free to share your results.)

And then pick up The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.  It's a delightful novel about love in the modern age.  Don Tillman is a socially challenged professor of genetics who believes there's a partner for everyone, statistically speaking.  Using a unique 16-page questionnaire, Tillman sets out to find the love of his life.  Amazon named The Rosie Project one of the Best Books of October 2013.  

Answers: Jay Gatsby (James Gatz), The Great Gatsby; Count Dracula, Dracula; Wilbur, Charlotte's Web.

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