Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Blogs

Want the latest buzz on books? Like reviews, author interviews, podcasts and trailers? If so, let me share what I learned at the Indiana Library Federation's recent annual conference. “Readers, Writers, Books, and Blogs” by Rebecca Vnuk and Karen Kleckner Keefe was a whirlwind tour of 35 blogs and 11 websites written for and about people like us—people who love to read. In the interests of time and space, I’ve whittled down the list to a few of my favorites; however, serious blogophiles should follow Vnuk’s and Keefe’s “Weekly Web Crush” every Friday on Shelf Renewal.

First, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention BooklistOnline, The American Library Association's online journal, which includes five blogs: Bookends (children’s and YA), Likely Stories, Book Group Buzz, Audiobooker (audio books), and the aforementioned Shelf Renewal (backlist).

I also like GalleyCat, which shares news and reviews for readers and writers, with a tip of the hat to what’s going on in the publishing world. 

Next, I’m enjoying Blogging for a Good Book written by staff members from the Williamsburg Regional Library. The reviews are thoughtful, and I’m finding the sidebar of archived posts great when deciding what to read next. There are over 200 entries in historical fiction, alone! 

Another keeper for me is Men Reading Books by 4 male contributors who collectively favor “mysteries and thrillers with some non-fiction thrown in to keep us honest.” Since I typically read meandering, character-driven novels, it's a way to keep up with what the other half's reading.

And now, how about you? What good book blogs have you read recently?

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