Thursday, May 9, 2013

Liberty and Books for All

Summer is almost upon us -even the weather finally seems to agree- and with it comes summer reading and prizes for adults in "Liberty and Books for All." For the third consecutive summer, Zionsville and nearby businesses have donated coupons and gift certificates for their wares and services that the Library is honored to offer as adult prizes for reading and recording books. A coupon is earned each time you read and record a quantity of five books, and you get to pick the coupon you want. All coupons are "while supplies last," but the generosity of our merchants is considerable and we have a total of over 500 coupons available for you this summer.

Two of the adult weekly prizes were also donated by local businesses and will soon be displayed in the Sixth Street entrance window. Every book you read (including ebooks and audio books) and record qualifies you for one raffle ticket at the Library, which you may use to try to win a weekly prize. Visit the second floor reference desk for details on adult summer coupons and weekly prizes, and then visit the local businesses that support the Library. We wouldn't have such great prizes to offer without their support, and we love that the Library and our community is so important to them.

A big, loud "THANK YOU!" to the following businesses for their generous support of adult summer reading at the Library:

If you would like your business to participate in coupons and prizes for adults, call 873-8341 and ask to speak with Lisa. There is still time to be part of summer 2013!

One last thing: Don't miss engaging and entertaining programs for adults this summer. Look for another Antiques Appraisal (find out what some of your heirlooms may be worth) in the beginning of summer and Texas Roadhouse Cut & Taste at the end (learn how to grill steak and pork to perfection), with plenty of great programs between. Check out June and July on the calendar now. 

Summer reading registration begins June 3rd and the Teen and Youth departments have lots of fantastic summer programs and prizes, too, so check it all out the next time you're in. We've got the whole family covered at the Library.

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