Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Library’s Executive Director Makes Modeling Debut

The Hussey-Mayfield Library’s Executive Library Director, Jake Speer, is certainly no slouch when it comes to dressing appropriately for his job.  Fortunately for him, his job doesn’t require a suit and tie every day; Jake dresses the part of a small town Library Director and looks just fine in business casual attire. 

 But, someone must have wondered what Jake wears on the weekends, when he’s away from work, and wanted to give him an opportunity to show off some new possibilities.  When the Zionsville Education Foundation came calling, looking for models from the community to participate in the 7th Annual In Style Luncheon fundraiser, which features a fashion show, Jake didn’t bat an eyelash.  He agreed to participate and modeled casual wear from Wildcat Creek Outfitters, located at 106th St. and Zionsville Road.

Those in town who know Jake, know that he’s a huge sports fan, particularly one of baseball, and a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. So, it was no surprise that the outfit Jake modeled included a baseball style cap.  Khakis and a loose-fitting collared shirt, plus stylish flip-flops, completed the ensemble.  For a guy who has never made his way down the fashion runway before, Jake did a great job, helping the Zionsville Education Foundation raise funds and getting the local Public Library involved in supporting the Zionsville Community Schools.

Congratulations, Jake, on your modeling debut!  Who knows what’s next?  New York? London?  Tokyo?  We’ll keep an eye on your new sideline career!

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