Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finally, Fox Forever!

Perhaps you or a loved one visited the Library on the first Wednesday of November 2012.   It was one of those days where the Library definitely was not a quiet place.  There were more than 70 teens who screamed for pizza and then eagerly stood in line for a book signing.  The book is The Adoration of Jenna Fox and the author is Mary Pearson.  This is the first of three books in the science fiction trilogy where the technology exists to upload a person's mind onto a computer and then download the memories and knowledge (along with any new knowledge) into an artificially created body.  In the book, this technology is illegal, but that doesn't stop parents from extending the life of their daughter after a horrible accident.  Book two, The Fox Inheritance, is a completely different feel from book one.  Book two reads more like the movie "I, Robot."  And book three?  This is yet to be discovered by readers of Zionsville (except for the two lucky teens who won advance reader's copies, four months before the book came out) as well as fans all over the U.S., but the wait will soon be over.  Fox Forever hits store and library shelves across the country next Tuesday, March 19.  Be sure to come to the Library and ask to put it on hold before students feverishly rush to get their hands on the title.

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