Friday, August 17, 2012

Indoor Walking Workouts

It’s finally started to rain in Zionsville!  This is good for your lawn, but maybe not so good for your walking workout.  Don’t worry about missing a step, the library has you covered.  Choose from our walking DVDs, and do your walk indoors.
The “queen” of indoor walking is Leslie Sansone.  The tempo of her workouts will get you going at a 15-minute mile pace.  We have several of her DVDs to choose from. 
Leslie has a basic set of steps such as marching in place, side-to-side, knee lifts and kick-backs that she uses throughout all her workouts.  She will get you started with these moves in the warm up, so you won’t be tripping over your feet during the workout. Leslie is always chatty and encouraging, so choose her if you like to walk with a friend.
Chris Freytag is Prevention’s fitness expert.  We have two of her walking DVDs.  Choose from “Walking Cardio ShapeUp Max” or “Walk Yourself Fit”.  Chris is a solid exercise instructor.  She doesn’t have Leslie’s personality, but she will deliver a good workout.
Debbie Rocker shows you how to get started with “Quick Start Walking for Weight Loss”.  This DVD was shot in a nice outdoor setting, so you can imagine you are there with her.  This one alternates fast and slow intervals in a short 23 minute workout.  Don’t worry if you are a low impact exerciser, she has a modifier that always keeps one foot on the ground.
With indoor walking you may not go far, but it’s a good option when the weather’s unpredictable. 

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