Monday, April 30, 2012

The eggs are here!

We have had live baby chicks here for a week, and now the hatcher has finally arrived with the eggs!

Doug Akers set up the incubator and eggs today. Inside the incubator, it is about 100 degrees and moist, which is the perfect weather for chick hatching. It takes baby chicks about 12 hours to hatch once their first pip (crack) appears in the shell. We already have a couple of eggs with pips, so they will probably hatch this evening—it is hard work to break out of that shell, but they all come in their own time.

While you are waiting for the chicks to hatch, you might like to read Shelly by Margie Palatini. Even though the characters are ducks, it is still a great story to share. Shelly just isn’t ready to come out of his shell, but everyone else insists he should. Shelly is a wonderful story about patience and about being yourself.

You also might like to check out The Little Red Hen, Minerva Louise stories, or Chicken Little to keep you entertained while you wait.

After the chicks hatch, they stay in the incubator until they dry off, and then we will move them into their next home. We have lots of different kinds of eggs; it will be fun to see what the chicks look like when they come out!

P.S. Our webcam is temporarily unavailable. We will have that running as soon as we can, sorry for the inconvenience!

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  1. We have seven hatched chicks as of 11:15 today, Tuesday!!! Fun fun


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