Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chick Hatching at the Library 2012!

The viewing cage is ready for all to watch chicks hatch.   Doug Akers will bring a variety of eggs that will be in the Hatcher during the week of April 30th - May 5th. The eggs are about 18-20 days old. They will finish developing and hatch at the Library.

After they hatch the little fluffs will bathe in the warmth of their new home with a light, food and water.  It is fun to watch both the chicks and the families that stay to watch the hatchlings first peep.

All these chicks will return to the farm on Sunday, May 6th.

In conjunction with hatching chicks at the library 12 students have been trained to take care of chicks.  They will be fostering chicks for two weeks then return them to the library.  These chicks are called "Reds"from Murray McMurray Hatchery. They are all female and purchased for those who would like to raise egg laying hens.

We do have chicks to watch at the library NOW!  The Youth Services librarians wanted to watch over some chicks for the next couple of weeks.  Come take a peek. A display of eggs is available to see how chicks develop in their shell over 21 days.

A special "Thanks" goes to the Friends of the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library. They have supported the development of this project by purchasing supplies, food and eggs since 2000.  Show your support of these educational activities by becoming a Friend of the Library for just $10 a year!

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