Thursday, January 12, 2012

New fitness gear? We can help

Did you receive a fitness gift that you have no idea how to use? Your library can help!

We have instructional books and DVDs on all types of fitness equipment.

A Fitness Ball is a great piece of equipment. Just by sitting on it, the unstable surface of the ball makes you recruit core muscles. We have books, such as the series by Colleen Craig that will help you explore the uses of the ball. Our DVD collection includes a great one by Karen Voight – Slim Toning on a Ball.

An Exercise Band is a sheet of latex material (non-latex is also available) that is made in different thicknesses. The thicker the band, the more resistance it will provide. We have the Powerband Workout, and Tone Trouble Zones DVD that use these portable devices to add resistance without using bulky equipment. If you are a frequent traveler, an exercise band is a great little tool to throw in your suit case.

You may have never seen a Magic Circle before. It sounds rather mystical, but it is a fitness apparatus invented by Joseph Pilates, creator of the Pilates technique. It is a circle of flexible metal that is padded on two sides. By squeezing the circle between your legs or hands you work your thigh, chest or upper arm muscles to develop strength and muscle tone. Pilates by Rael Isacowitz has a section that explains several uses for the magic circle. Also look for Classic Pilates Technique: The Magic Circle Mat series DVD.

The Kettlebell is a hand weight that is shaped like a cannonball with a handle. This tool is effective in toning the whole body. It is used to perform explosive moves that combine strength training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility training. It provides a shorter workout, because you are exercising multiple parts of the body at once. Learn about them in Kettlebells for Dummies and Kettlebell Goddess.

Good luck using your new equipment. We hope that our resources will help you meet your fitness goals for 2012.

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