Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zombies in the Library!

Being the month of October, you come across all kinds of weird things. For example, adults thinking endlessly about costumes to wear for a single evening. And then, there’s the urge, and the want, to be afraid. People of all ages venture into haunted houses and haunted mazes. If this isn’t enough fun, folks even venture to the Library to be transformed into zombies. No, you did not misread the last part, we actually did invite the living and in mere minutes transformed them into the unsightly undead. The gentleman who came in to make the transformation complete is known for his decapitated heads. I can’t make this stuff up. It was more than an hour of fun as teens learned some tricks of the trade from David Schlatter, who was sent to us from Landes Costumes By Rachel. I could talk more about the gross things that the teens learned at the Library on a Saturday morning, but I truly think the picture speaks for itself. Rachel Godollei-Johnson, from Landes Costumes By Rachel, was awesome enough to leave more than just a mark on a few Zionsville teens, she left her own DVD showing anyone how to transform themselves from normal to the undead. So, if you happen to notice anyone who looks extra awesome this Halloween, they may have learned it at the Library.

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