Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog Agility Show at the Library!

dog agility 019
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Two of our favorite TheraPet dogs, Elvis and Tsunami, tracked through an agility course in the Library. They were a big hit and created a standing room crowd! We loved to pet them after the show and learned how smart a well trained canine can be!

I wonder how many will be trying to train their family pets at home today? Lisa, the owner and trainer of the wonderful Portuguese Water dogs, said she has heard of people training their cats to go through agility courses too! I have heard of children at our library training baby chicks to follow obstacle courses. It might be fun to see if two legged children can be as quick and disciplined as Tsunami and Elvis. Elvis was a wild naughty dog until his energy and smarts were put to the test on an agility course.

Thank you Lisa and Rachel Humke for bringing all your jumps and weave polls to the library!

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