Thursday, May 20, 2010

Make Tracks to the Library

Over the last few weeks of school, the Youth Librarians at the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will be venturing out on Safari to the Elementary Schools!

We are talking to students about our Summer Reading Program, which starts right after school on JUNE 3 and goes all the way until July 31.

"Make Tracks to the Library" is our theme, and that means the Library will be going absolutely WILD! On June 4, we will have a Summer Safari Kick-off Party where (weather permitting) we will have alpacas, goats, and creatures visiting from the Nature Center. Check out our Library calendar and see when Tunker the Skunk will visit, and Mark's Ark will make an appearance, too. We have exciting programs all summer long—be sure to sign up!

You can pick up your child's reading log from the Library or you can print it from our website anytime after school on June 3. Each paw print equals one hour; make sure that you look at the clock or start a timer when you begin reading! After your child records three hours, he or she gets the first prize, a Summer Safari Pen, great for keeping track of reading time. After that, he or she gets a prize (or a book) every five hours up to 50 hours!

We want your children to report their time weekly so that they are entered into our Weekly Raffle Drawings, where they might win tickets to Laser Flash, tickets to Holiday World Splash n' Safari, Colts gear, or so much more!

Everyone can participate in our youth summer reading program from birth to grade 5. If your child can't read, you can read to him and help him earn hours or she can listen to books on CD and earn hours on her own!And remember, at each level, your child can choose a book for a prize—what a great deal! You can even choose to donate a book to a local shelter—that way your child’s reading helps someone else!

We have found a strong correlation between kids that participate in our Summer Reading Program and kids who score high on ISTEP tests, so encourage your kids to "Make Tracks to the Library" to participate in our Summer Reading Program!

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