Sunday, May 16, 2010

The chicks are flying the coop!

The Foster Chick Families will return their chicks today, and so will the Librarians. It is a bittersweet time, but we are glad to have such wonderful memories under our wing.

It is fascinating to watch the chicks grow. If you have been watching our Library Chicks, you will know that the chicks change drastically over two weeks!

Whiskers, the cat, enjoyed watching the chicks grow, but he really wanted to play with them--a game of chicken, chicken tag, cat and chicken? The cool new set-up made it very hard for him to get inside the cage to play with the chicks. He will have to try again next year.

Henny, Penny, Henrietta, and Chicken Little all loved playing Peep-a-boo and their favorite bedtime story was Peeping Beauty. Sometimes they liked to play the quiet game and I would wonder if they flew the coop early! Whiskers and I will miss the little peepers, but we wish them the best at their new home, home on the range...

So far, my chicks seem happy to be reunited with their long lost friends. The chicks are all looking forward to life on the farm. Our chicks are hens, so when they are about six months old, they will be very busy laying their own eggs.

Peep, peep until next year!

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