Monday, August 17, 2015

So You Think Your Child Is Too Boisterous for Storytime? Think Again!

A librarian was recently introduced to a young mom who had two-year-old twins. Their conversation started like this:

Librarian: "Have you taken your girls to the library for storytime?"
Mom: "Goodness, no! They won't sit for anything. They would never be able to sit through a storytime. They are definitely not ready for THAT!"

Announcement: Storytime at the library rarely involves sitting for long periods time. Children are NOT expected to be perfect students, quietly sitting criss-cross applesauce with hands in their laps and patiently waiting their turn.

Here is what you CAN expect with the various ages (and their classes):

Infants through 11 Months (Books 'n Babies): There is a great deal of singing, lap bounces, and short activities. Children generally lie on the floor in front of you, sit in your lap, or are just beginning to crawl and walk. No craft.

Ones and Twos (Tales for Tots): Expect tons of movement and very little sitting still. Key activities involve body parts, animal sounds, playing with scarves, shakers, puppets, and bubbles. We might even squeeze in a few very short books. A simple craft (gluing, stickers, coloring).

Threes through Sixes (Preschool Pals): The stories get a wee bit longer and oftentimes have a plot line; however, we intentionally sprinkle large motor activities including music and dancing in between the stories so as to help the kids channel their energy. Puppets, scarves, and a variety of props continue to be used. Usually, there is a slightly more involved craft at the end.

Storytime at the library is one of the best things you can do with your child, no matter the age. For a detailed list of how storytimes benefit your child, check out this great blog.

To sign up for a storytime, here is our Events Calendar. Go to September 2015. In the week starting September 14, simply click the storytime underlined in blue you want to sign up for and register your child. (Please sign up for only one storytime per child.)


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