Monday, May 25, 2015

Do You Want to Help Set a World Record?

Has it been your deepest desire to set a world record?  Or be part of a team that challenges a Guinness World Record?  If so, then the Hancock County Public Library in Greenfield, IN has an offer you don't want to miss!  HCPL is trying to set a new World Record for the most people balancing a book on their heads at the same time!  The current record is 998 people so they are looking for at least 999 people to help them break the record!  What a great goal for a public library – do you want to help them set a new World Record?

Join others at the Greenfield Central High School football field at 810 North Broadway in Greenfield on Saturday, May 30th at 10 AM and plan to stay a couple of hours as the attempt to break the record comes together.  Check out the flyer for details about registering and what to bring with you to help set a new World Record and be recorded in the next edition of the Guinness Book of Records!  

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