Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reading is Filling

Do you want anything more than books or chocolate? The Library will give you both when you sign up for this year's adult Winter Reading Program, "Reading is Filling". Pick up a Challenge Sheet at the second floor reference desk between Jan. 5 and Feb. 28. Simply fill out your name and your Challenge, and you’re good to go. No computers, no passwords, easy as pie. Your Challenge is up to you. In years past, people have gotten themselves to tackle that stack of magazines that has been piling up, or read a few books outside of their comfort zones. Maybe there are a few classics you’ve always wanted to crack open, or perhaps you’d like to buckle down and try some nonfiction. Or, you can simply vow to devote more time to books, such as reading during every lunch break or always listening to audiobooks on the way home. Whatever the challenge, now is the time to conquer it. Return your Challenge Sheet by Feb. 28 for a shot at a gift basket that's sure to contain some tasty treats. The baskets are currently on display in the Sixth Street window.

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