Thursday, October 23, 2014

MINGLE - creative ideas for unique gatherings

The holidays are fast approaching.  Once Halloween is over it is such a short jump to Thanksgiving.Then after Thanksgiving, need I say more?  Christmas is at our doorstep!!!

If you need some help with ideas for decorating, what to serve, or gifts themselves,  check out a copy of Mingle.  The current Autumn, 2014 issue is bursting with ideas for all of your favorite holidays.

Halloween - how about a pumpkin drink cooler or maybe homemade candy apples with tree branches for sticks and spiders crawling to the top.  And don't forget s'mores on a stick - non-messy and great for kids.

Thanksgiving - looking for a different approach?  What about a southwest Thanksgiving theme. Instead of turkey,  maybe filet of salmon prepared with herbs and Three Sisters Stew.  This is a stew combining squash, corn and beans  - they were planted close together by the Indians so that they would thrive and survive.
Christmas - many knitting ideas from the owner of a Washington craft shop named Apple Yarns.  Also if you're thinking about a different kind of holiday party,  an afternoon get-together drinking hot chocolate and sharing time unhurried away from the hustle and bustle could be the perfect solution.  Hot Chocolate Highlights by Danielle Mohler gives all the information you need.

Hmmmmm - a Ladies Winter Whiskey Tasting Party - fantastic idea!!  Kate Bowler tells us that whiskey can be a well-loved ladies' drink when mixed properly with the perfect ingredients.
Ideas galore and beautiful pictures that can help you bring these ideas into your own home and your family's celebrations.  Come into the library and check out the Autumn issue of Mingle

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